Installation vCenter Server

Posted: January 2, 2012 in VMWare

1. Requirement check with link below :

2. vCenter Server included SQL Express

3. Open VMWare vCenter Installer select “vCenter Server”

4. Choose Setup Language “English (United States)” or you can choose with your language.

5. Welcome to the installation wizard for VMware vCenter Server “Next”

6. End-User Patent Agreement “Next”

7. License Agreement “I agree to the terms in the license agreement”

8. Customer Information, type detail your information and input your License key vCenter Server, “Next”

9.  vCenter Server requirems a database. If you don’t have existing database choose “Install a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Install (for small deployment)” and then “Next”

10. vCenter Server Service “Use SYSTEM Account” if your account use administrator or other user account but have member of “Domain Admins” because this user started for sevices.  “Next”

11. Destination Folder, Select if you change destination. “Next”

12. Configure Ports, if you want to change port default from vCenter Server. “Next”

13. vCenter Server JVM Memory, Because I use for small, I choose “Small” and then “Next”

14. Ready to Install the Program, “Install”

15. Installation process, and “Finish”.

I’m sorry if my language not good Smile

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