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1. Download CDMA and WIMAX for Gingerbread-based RUUs

2. Open CDMA and use 7zip(in here I’m use 7zip), Copy file wimax-20110318-XC-R4623-EVO27240-MFG27243-ISSI.img to your CDMA (this still open with 7zip) after your copy file wimax the file automaticly compress the file sure file in  android-info.txt, radio.img, wimax-20110318-XC-R4623-EVO27240-MFG27243-ISSI.img )

3. After your compress file, copy file to your HTC (copy file in root not use folder)

4. Power Off your HTC, and the Press Power and volume down together.

5. When turn on automatic screen your HTC view upgrade your radio.

6. Select volume up to upgrade, wait until WIMAX and RADIO ok to finish update.

7.  To reboot in your screen HTC view you must select Power to reboot.

8. The HTC will normaly if you upgrade RADIO and WIMAX is success, see your system whether the baseband is upgrade or not.

This video tuturial from youtube :



Note :

If the in your flash not show upgrade WIMAX and RADIO, maybe the is wrong or your step when combine file radio.img, wimax-20110318-XC-R4623-EVO27240-MFG27243-ISSI.img to zip is wrong.


CMIIW, Thanks Smile

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