Change Format Read Email From HTML to Plain Text in MS Outlook

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Windows

In MS Outlook defult read format email use HTML, below sample if used Format HTML



If use Exchange Mail Server, format email defaut from server is HTML. But, that format can be change from user using outlook or application mail other to change HTML to Plant Text

Below sample change format use Outlook 2010, File è Options è Trust Center è Trust Center Setting


Figure 2

E-mail Security, below “Read as Plain Text” is “Uncheck”(see figure 3) so default mail format read as HTML (see figure 1).


Figure 3

If you want to change to “Plain Text”, you “Check Read all standard mail in plain text & Read all digitally signed mail in plain text” (figure 4), now open sample email the view likes (Figure 5 & 6)


Figure 4


Figure 5


Figure 6

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