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Thanks to XDA-Developer

1. Make sure drivers fo Acer Iconia B1 are installed, you can find them here :

2. Plug-In your Acer Iconia B1 into this PC

3. Enable Debugging Mode by going into Settings Developer Tools

4. Put prerooted system.img.gz into folder : system_image

You must download system_image with your version device


Put into folder system_image



5. Keep your device plugged in until it’s finally rooted, or this procedure is aborted.

Use Windows 7/8 Run As Administrator


Version System Image your Device


Download System Image







Download Superuser





CMIIW, Thanks Smile

  1. Juan says:

    Thanks for tuto, I have a question, when root finalize the display is screen off, no shut down, only screen off, is on, but the screen is black totally, I reset the tablet with the clip but launch bootlooping, and should install update from zip, and back againa to prerooted version, but wihtout root succesfully.

    • vicryhc says:

      Hi, after root I have problem same with you. The screen is black, so I try to Reset. After reset I check root is successfull. Are you successfull when process root?


  2. chuck says:

    any update on this? my friends kid got one the other day. just reading up on it before attempt any root

  3. SlimShadoow says:

    hello !!
    I rooted my iconia b1, and installed the root checker, and it seems that the root isn’t accessible… (This device does not have proper root access)
    can i have any help please ?
    btw, I followed all the root steps successfully…

    • aafikry says:

      hi, thanks for your comment.
      May be I less, how to put system_image. Im update tutorial update, how to put system_image.
      Are you done download system_image for your device version? then put into folder system_image.


  4. tengku kevin says:

    orang indo ya
    salam kenal hehe
    saya mw tanya kalo misalnya rootnya gagal gimana ya, thx ya

  5. tengku kevin says:

    owh ya gan image version sya
    jadi image version yg harus saya gunakan apa gan

  6. kumkum says:

    gan klo yang v0.6 gimana tutor nya? yang mesti didownload prerootnya yang mana ya image nya?

  7. Hanif says:

    how to put system image in system folder. I try ,but cannot . please

    • aafikry says:

      Hi, you done download toolkit for root and system image like you device version? Put you system image in directory toolkit(you can see on step 5 have screenshot system_image put there your system image)


  8. sierra says:

    Gan tolong bantu ane….ko ane dah ikutin langkahnya ko ga bisa bisa …..moon pencerahanya …

  9. Wan Raziman says:

    nak tnye ni, lps success root, tablet turn off tibe2, pastu nk bkk dh xboleh, nk buat mcm mne ni….

  10. Manas Eapen says:

    Thank you !
    Worked like a treat :)..

  11. intan says:

    i already half way there but suddenly “android 0x0000000026500000” in dumchar_info appeared. how can i fix this?

  12. Edward Basilio Jr. says:

    Is there a cwm for this just in case bootloop happen.!?

  13. Thanks for this helpful tutorial, it really works my Acer B1-A71 is finally rooted. if you encountered boot loop or it stocks from recovery mode, download this stock firmware from this site and copy it to your microsd “do not extract” and then simply power off your tablet and then press simultaneously (power button+volume up button) boot selection mode appear then select SD image update mode, “use volume up or down to choose the power button to select” then you will come in recovery mode then select “apply update from sd card” and select the firmware you downloaded then the process until its finish.

  14. Arief says:

    gan kok tempat ane setelah sukses root device ane hang gak bisa di off? mohon pencerahannya

  15. thura says:

    Hi,bro….I have already download system img, but file type is not true.
    If u haved,pls give me gz file type for v0.5.5

  16. thura says:

    I’m very sorry ,I haven’t c john Michel.
    Where I can fine.pls.

  17. Asyraf Azmin says:

    Assalamualaikum and hi, thank you very much! Rooted successfully! (Acer Iconia B1-A71)
    first I downloaded the old version (RV04RC04), and after boot, it keep boot loop. So I follow John Michael Bustamante. It’s work! Thank man 🙂
    Then I download the latest version (RV05RC05) and follow your step one by one. Alhamdulillah, all successfull! Thanks man. May Allah bless you 🙂

  18. vitz says:

    Askum gan, awam nie klo soal tab..

    Penget root tab acer, bahan ny ap ajj y??

  19. valentin says:

    valentin :
    i have a problem with sistem.image……. when i try to root say sistem.image.gz not foun…..but in folder is sistem.image end gz don’t exist………. i have windows xp

    valentin :
    i have a problem with sistem.image……. when i try to root say sistem.image.gz not foun…..but in folder is sistem.image end gz don’t exist………. i have windows xp . thanks. sorry for my english

  20. valentin says:

    Yes I followed all the steps but I think it’s because the windows. I do not look image.img.gz. thanks

  21. valentin says:

    yes but I do not look sistem.image.gz shows me only that sistem.image. thanks

  22. valentin says:

    Help plss

    • aafikry says:


      Download System Image and Put prerooted system.img.gz into folder : system_image (folder acer_iconia_b1_toolkit).

      refer to step 4.


  23. valentin says:

    i did exactly but I did not go. what to do? thanks!

  24. assalamualaikum, gan kok ane gagal, pesannya “no space left on device” itu memori man yang kurang untuk copy system.img.gz

    • aafikry says:

      Waalaikum salam, coba lakukan sesuai tutorial baca dulu d xda klo bahasa ane kurang di mengerti 😁
      Inget ya kerusakan saya tanggung


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