How to Setting IP ILO on Server HP

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Other

When you Power On Server, Default boot you can see from HP.

Then on monitor if you see Press F8 to Configure ILO. If you not Press F8 on First Boot, then you F8 after first boot HP system You go configuration RAID. So, you must Press F8 when you power on or restart you server, on first boot HP System Press F8.


Go to Network –> NIC and TCP/IP. You can see status ILO (Default IP is DHCP)


To Disable DHCP go to Network –> DNS / DHCP. Change DCHP Enable to Off


Configuration IP Address, Go to Network –> NIC and TCP/IP.


After you setup IP Address, go to File –> Exit. Try to Access ILO via browser

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